Last spring, 17 women from Grace gathered together to discuss outreach programs for our Church and community. We decided to start a Soup Ministry.  Since that meeting, on five different occasions, a number of ladies have gathered in the church kitchen armed with cutting boards, knives, meat, and vegetables with the goal of making at least 20 quarts of soup for that day.  To date, we have given away 30 quarts of soup or chili and have 80 quarts currently in the freezer.
On July 8, 2016, Soup Kitchen Coordinators, met with the social workers and discharge planners at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood.  This group will distribute our Soup Kitchen Flyers to patients going home under difficult circumstances  such as post-surgery, new baby, hospice, elderly living alone, explaining our free soup program. The soup receiver or a member of the family is asked to email the church with a request for soup and providing their name, address, and phone number.  This message will be relayed to Charlotte, Carol, or Chris Cauda who will make arrangements for pick-up at the church. Several church members have volunteered to deliver soup to the client if there is such need. We will also include the clients in our Prayer Ministry with any prayer concerns they may have.
Will you join us?  We need soup makers, people willing to meet a client or a family member at the church to receive the soup, or volunteer drivers to deliver to the client’s home when needed.  Please e-mail to express your interest in our program or to ask any questions.