Grace United Methodist Church of Wyckoff, NJ is blessed with a vibrant music program. We believe that music is a powerful means of communing with God and hope that our members and visitors find spiritual sustenance in the music of the church. We believe that music expresses emotions that may be inexpressible in words and therefore serves a unique purpose during our worship.

A highlight of the church's music program is our beloved historic Roosevelt pipe organ. Purchased from another congregation in 1880, the organ was built by the brothers Hilborne and Frank Roosevelt in New York City. It was moved from our Paterson sanctuary and installed in our then new sanctuary in Wyckoff, NJ in 1961. The Peragallo Organ Company of Paterson added additional pipes, a new three manual console, a trumpet en Chamade and MIDI. The organ has grown to 28 ranks (over 1700 pipes) and is considered one of the finest instruments in the northern New Jersey area.

Nearly 100 individuals from our church family are involved directly in singing and ringing choirs. Soloists and instrumentalists further invigorate our worship. These musicians offer a varied repertoire in the hopes of touching the hearts of all members of our diverse church family. Together, through our music, we seek to offer petitions, thanks, and praise for the glory of God.
Every Second and Forth Sunday:
Our newest musical small group is expressly for the NON-musical - if you (or someone you know) thinks they're tone deaf, or is scared to sing in church, send them!  This is the group for anyone who's ever wanted to sing in the sanctuary, or sing better, and never had the guts to.  The NSSC is a safe place to learn pitch-matching skills and to grow into a confident sanctuary singer.  Later in the year, we'll tackle subjects like reading music and vocal health in singing.  Most importantly, this is an opportunity to meet with our music director, Kevin, to explore your singing skills and develop plans to improve them for your own enjoyment.  Feel free to email with any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Choirs

The Choirs of Grace Church
Grace United Methodist is home to a comprehensive music program, with opportunities for all interests and abilities. Music for all choirs is chosen to reflect the diversity of experience inherent at Grace, ranging from classical to contemporary pieces, and requests are always welcomed. The choirs also collaborate and combine for major events and holy observances, providing a celebratory grandiosity for congregants. We happily welcome new members at any time, regardless of experience or ability. Visitors are also always welcomed at rehearsals.

The Grace Children's Choir -
Children from four years of age up to and including fifth graders are invited to join the Children's Choir. Rehearsals are held every Sunday morning following the service, from 11:00-11:30am in Room 19.  Under the direction of Kevin Cummines and Melissa Kay, the children learn and memorize songs for worship service, as well as work with Orff instruments, to develop and strengthen musicianship and skills. Ample assistance from a dedicated group of parents makes this choir a wonderful and rewarding time for all.

The Senior Choir -
All adults and high school students are invited to join the Senior Choir. The choir sings a wide range of music styles and genres in multi-part harmony, and repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary. Rehearsals are held every Thursday evening beginning at 8:00pm in the Choir Room. New singers are warmly welcomed.

The Handbell Choir -
Under the direction of Cynthia DeJong, the Handbell Choir excels at providing a unique, shimmering and glorious collaborative experience to all. Young people and adults are invited to ring our four octave Schulmerich handbells. We recently added two octaves of Schulmerich tone chimes, dedicated to the memory of Howard Dougherty, giving our ringers more to enjoy.  Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening beginning at 6:45pm in the Choir Room. Music reading skills are not necessary, and all skill levels are welcome.

Please call 201-891-4595 with any questions about our music programs.